My DeviantArt Page

Ghost Ferry

My DeviantArt Page

For anyone that is interested, I post most (if not all) of my photographic/graphic design/digital art work on Deviantart. I know it is not a truly “professional site” but it has been good to me since I began using it and I rather like it. Eventually I will try to get my own webpage but until I really have the money for that (i.e. I am not a broke ass college student) then DeviantArt will definitely suffice for now! I hope everyone will take a few minutes to check out my work! I am extremely proud of it so far! I use to say I worked really hard at my photography, but I noticed that when I actually went out with a mission and tried to do a certain shot and thought it through, I ended up hating the results and I would just trash everything but when I went out and just had fun and forgot about all of the “so called rules of photography” and just did my own thing, then I loved every photograph. Instead of lying and telling people that I work hard at my photography, I just tell them the truth and tell them that I play hard at it! I go out and just have fun and forget about everything except capturing what I see in front of me and what I would be proud to show my family (they are a massive inspiration for me) as well as other photographers! I hope everyone enjoys at least a photograph or two and please feel free to leave a comment or two!!


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